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Welcome to Columbus "INFObase," a community information resource developed and maintained by the Neighborhood Planning Section of the Columbus Planning Division.  Inside you will find data on Franklin County, the City of Columbus, along with various Clumbus neighborhoods and planning districts.  The contents of these pages are compiled from numerous sources including departments of the City of Columbus and Franklin County offices.  Information will be continually updated.

We hope you find the resources within this site useful.  Please send us a note, using the link, "Web Site Contact," near the bottom of this page, if you have any comments or suggestions for improving this site.  Thank you for your interest in Columbus, its neighborhoods, and its planning programs.

Please scroll down for "Planning Division Products & News," "Additional Topics of Interest," and other important City of Columbus links.

Planning Division Products and News

East Franklinton Overlay (EFO)

link to overlay information

The Franklinton Plan, adopted by City Council in July 2003, identified the need for a planning overlay for East Franklinton and Columbus City Codes Chapter 3372 establishes the intent and requirements for such a planning overlay.  Learn more about the EFO adopted by Columbus City Council in March 2004.

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New Planning Process Underway: Weinland Park Neighborhood Plan

photo of weinland park elementary school and link to more information

The City of Columbus (in association with the University Area Commission, Weinland Park Community Civic Association, OSU, and many others) is beginning the process to develop a neighborhood plan for Weinland Park (located just southeast of The Ohio State University: east of North High Street and north of East Fifth Avenue).  Select the link to the right to learn more.

March 2004 Interim Hayden Run Corridor Plan

plan map and link to more information

March 2004 Interim Plan

As an interim plan, this document is intended to provide guidance for development activity with the understanding that it may be updated as a result of multi-jurisdictional planning in this area of northwest Franklin County.  


City Council's first reading of the Interim Hayden Run Corridor Plan was held on June 7, 2004.  The plan is scheduled for consideration and a vote by City Council on June 14, 2004.


Indianola Avenue Corridor Plan 

plan cover thumbnail and link to plan

This plan has been prepared at the request of the Clintonville community, many of whose residents and business owners had expressed concern about the corridor's existing conditions and future prospects.  Property owners on and around Indianola Avenue wanted a "blueprint" for the area that would provide direction and stimulate interest in the corridor.  Columbus City Council adopted the plan on December 15, 2003.

The Olentangy River Road Urban Design Plan 
[and Regional Commercial Overlay/ Draft Special Graphics Control Area Information]

plan cover and link to more information

The Planning Division met regularly with a steering committee, consisting of representatives from a planning area in and near The Ohio State University, to address important urban design issues.

The plan recommends that the Regional Commercial Overlay (RCO) and a special graphics control area be applied to Olentangy River Road from Lane Avenue to West North Broadway. 

The intent of the RCO and special graphics control area is to create a safe, aesthetically pleasing, and pedestrian friendly atmosphere for the business and residential community along Olentangy River Road. These two mechanisms will ensure that new development and redevelopment along the corridor are built in a manner that will, overtime, create a cohesive and compatible built environment.  These standards apply to all new development and redevelopment on parcels along Olentangy River Road.  

Noe-Bixby Road Scenic Byway Overlay 

 Thumbnail map and link to more information

The Noe-Bixby Road area contains unique scenic and natural features and it is predominantly residential in character.  The purpose of the Noe-Bixby Road Scenic Byway Overlay is to establish additional and specific zoning standards for that portion of Noe-Bixby Road north of East Main Street and south of East Broad Street and to protect the area from change that would diminish the aesthetic value of adjacent properties. 
The Southside Plan

plan map and link to more information

A planning committee of community stakeholders worked with city staff to identify issues and establish goals for the planning area (roughly between Frebis Avenue and State Route 104).  As a result of their work, policies were written to address land use and zoning; housing and residential districts; commercial and industrial development; parks and recreational facilities; streets, traffic and circulation; sewers and storm water drainage; urban design and streetscape improvements; and historic resources/preservation.

The Franklinton Plan

plan cover and link to plan

This document is the product of a public planning process involving stakeholders from throughout the Franklinton community.  Intended to serve as a blueprint for future development and revitalization, the plan marks an exciting time for Franklinton as completion of the floodwall removes the community from the floodplain and lifts restrictions.  


The Trisouth Neighborhood Plan

Thumbnail plan cover and link to plan

This document is the product of a public planning process involving interested parties from throughout the community and is intended to serve as a blueprint for future development, redevelopment, and revitalization of the planning area bounded by S.R. 104 on the north, the railroad tracks west of Alum Creek Drive on the east, Williams Road on the south, and the railroad tracks east of Parsons Avenue on the west.  The area incorporates the distinct neighborhoods of Marion-Franklin, Southfield, Greenhill Acres, Cambria Addition, and more.  It was adopted by Columbus City Council on September 22, 2003.


[Note: Congratulations to Senior Planner Dave Hall, Graphic Designer Elsie Thomas, and others who contributed to this effort.  This plan was chosen as the winner in the Comprehensive Planning -- Large Jurisdiction category for the 2003 Ohio Planning Conference (OPC) Planning Awards Program.]



South Linden Neighborhood Plan

plan cover and link to plan

Learn about the plan for the South Linden neighborhood on the city's near northeast side adopted by Columbus City Council on December 15, 2003.
2004 South Central Accord Amendment

link to January 2004 proposed amendment (checklist)

Adopted in 1997 by the City of Columbus, Hamilton Township, and Franklin County, the South Central Accord provides guidance on land use and related issues for an area south of I-270.  Early in 2003, development activity in the planning area led to a decision that additional direction was needed for residential land uses in the planning area.  Columbus and Hamilton Township worked with a planning committee to develop a checklist addressing residential development.   This checklist is intended to serve as an amendment to the Accord.  It was adopted by Hamilton Township in December.  


Columbus City Council endorsed the plan amendment at the March 1 meeting, and the amendment was endorsed by the Franklin County Commissioners at their March 3 meeting.



Recreation and Parks Master Plan

View the document and learn more about this important department of Columbus city government.  Just click on the department logo . . .

department logo and link to more information

link to information about the park
. . . and click here to learn about the new NORTH BANK PARK along the Scioto River adjacent to the Arena District.

Rocky Fork - Blacklick Accord: A Community Plan (and newly-adopted Update)


Accord cover and link to accord document

View Accord document
 and newly-adopted revisions.

The Rocky Fork-Blacklick Accord is a joint initiative of the village of New Albany and the City of Columbus to establish long range guidelines for growth and development in northeast Franklin County.  The Accord was adopted by Columbus and New Albany in 1997. 



In response to changing circumstances in the area, Columbus and New Albany prepared an update to the document.  The update provides revised land use and development standard recommendations for some portions of the planning area.  The Rocky Fork-Blacklick Accord Implementation Panel approved the update on November 6, 2003 and it was endorsed by Columbus City Council on December 15, 2003.  The Village of New Albany adopted the update on January 20, 2004.


North Linden Neighborhood Plan

Draft North Linden Neighborhood Plan Cover

For several months, a neighborhood Planning Committee worked with City staff to develop a Neighborhood Plan for the North Linden Area.  Read this newly-adopted planning document . . . 
Code Amendments for the Urban Commercial Overlay, Morse Road Planning Overlay, and High Street North of Morse Road Planning Overlay 

streetscape drawing and link to more information

View minor amendments to the Urban Commercial Overlay, Morse Road Planning Overlay, and High Street North of Morse Road Planning Overlay (Chapter 3372 of the Columbus Zoning Code).  The revisions are administrative in nature and do not affect any of the existing substantive requirements or standards.
Columbus Area Plans Map

View this map showing the geographic territories covered by both adopted area plans and area planning processes now under way. 

download Acrobat Reader  [May need to be downloaded to view the map.]

Planning Project in Progress:
Westland Plan -- Land Use Update

 Westland map and link to more information

The purpose of the Westland Plan land use update is to revise the land-use map established in the 1994 Westland Plan.  The Plan is intended to manage future growth and development in this rapidly changing region. 

Morse Road Planning Overlay and Special Graphics Control Area                          Updated!

Thumbnail Link to Morse Road Overlay - Area Map

A joint effort between the city of Columbus, Franklin County, the Northland Alliance, the Northland Area Business Association, the Northland Community Council, and the Northeast Area Commission, this overlay is intended to implement the recommendations contained in the Morse Road Design Study.  The standards contained within the overlay pertain only to lots within the jurisdiction of the City of Columbus.  
High Street: North of Morse Road -- Planning Overlay 

Thumbnail Link to High north of Morse Overlay - Drawing of High Street

The purpose of this overlay, consisting of Columbus City Code Sections 3372.700 through 3372.710, inclusive, is to apply additional and specific standards germane to the development pattern and community directions for properties along the High Street corridor between Morse Road and the Worthington city limits.
Northland Plan - Volume II   

Cover of Plan and link to Plan

View the recently-adopted Northland Plan-Volume II.  This Plan generally covers the area bounded by I-270 to the west, portions of Central College Road and SR-161 to the north, Morse Road to the south, and follows city of Columbus corporate limits to the east.  


No prior plans exist in this area of Columbus, although the Northland Plan-Volume I, which covers the area to the west, was adopted in early 2001.  (To view that Plan, click on the link under "Additional Topics of Interest" near the bottom of this page.)

University Impact District
        University Area Review Board

University Development & Design Guidelines

This district adjacent to The Ohio State University campus has been identified as an area subject to architectural review for all commercial and residential properties.  The University Area Review Board decides on the appropriateness of proposed exterior changes and issues a Certificate of Approval before a zoning clearance, permit, or registration certificate can be issued.  Contact Ken Klare at (614) 645-8654 to request a hearing by the Review Board.

download Acrobat Reader   [May need to be downloaded to view files.]

City of Columbus Census 2000 Data

Link to Columbus Census 2000Link to Columbus Census 2000

General population numbers are now available from the United States Census Bureau.  [Additional Census data are available in the "Profile and Demographics" section (see link at top of page).]
Hellbranch Run Watershed Protection Overlay District Map 

Link to Hellbranch Run Project Information - Stream Scene

A small portion of the Darby Watershed, within the smaller Hellbranch Run Watershed, was not included within the proposed environmentally sensitive development area (ESDA) because of active development occurring in the area.  At this time only about 7% of the Hellbranch system has been developed within Columbus, but development pressures continue.  By acting now, we can be sure that new development occurring inside the Hellbranch Run Watershed, but outside of the ESDA, considers and minimizes environmental impacts.  
Traditional Neighborhood Development Article

"Traditional Neighborhood Development" (TND) is an alternative to other zoning districts.  It encourages a more compact, transit oriented, pedestrian friendly, mixed-use, and sustainable neighborhood (much like pre-1950 developments).  The Traditional Neighborhood Development Article was adopted by City Council on May 21, 2001 and amended on November 11, 2002.

Columbus Growth Map Series

Link to Growth Maps - Thumbnail of 1950 Map



Land area maps and associated statistics for Columbus and surrounding communities from 1950 to 2000.

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